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Working together, we can make a difference!
Heart of Texas Feral Friends is a proud member of the Waco Animal Alliance.

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Heart of Texas Feral Friends
does NOT accept any cats from the public to rescue or relocate.

We help people with Trap-Neuter-Return.
We do NOT provide Rescue.
We do NOT Relocate cats.
Cats MUST be returned to the place where they were trapped.

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Would you like Heart of Texas Feral Friends
to host a TNR Awareness Booth
at your next public event?


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Heart of Texas Feral Friends
does NOT accept any cats from the public.
We only help people with Trap-Neuter-Return,
and cats MUST be returned to the place where they were trapped.

If you read on, we think you'll find this is smartest and most cost-effective solution
to addressing free-roaming cat issues.
Also, read our
CAREGIVERS CORNER for help with common cat complaints.

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TNR is #1 on the list of mandatory programs for a successful No-Kill community.
CLICK HERE for the "No-Kill Equation"

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It provides identification to caregivers, neighbors, animal control & employees at our Humane Society if the cat should end up at the shelter.  

A TNR Cat has been spayed or neutered, given a 3-year rabies vaccination
and is a member of a local managed colony.


Heart of Texas Feral Friends (HOTFF) provides: 
    * Online TNR resources!
    * TNR advice and coaching to help caregivers get started (and continue) with TNR.
Trap & Transport assistance for senior citizens and physically-challenged caregivers.
"Trap Bank" loaner traps (Grants from the Humane Society of the United States & PetSmart Charities).
Individual Caregiver Fundraising opportunities.
    * Public Forums.
    * Public Information Booths.
    * TNR-Specific Volunteer Orientations.
"Trap Team" training workshops.
    * Email Announcements of Events & Happenings.
Donated cat food for senior citizens, low-income and large colony caregivers (as available).
    * AND our popular CAREGIVER MIXERS, a "By Invitation Only" get-together for TNR Caregivers only... providing networking, colony care information and moral support!!!

"If you're gonna feed 'em,
you need to fix 'em!"

Heart of Texas Feral Friends can show you how easy it is

to get started with TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN!
 Heart of Texas Feral Friend Goals:
* Offer"no-kill" humane alternative to our community through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR);
* Stop the breeding of unwanted feral kittens born each year;
* Train and empower feral cat caregivers to TNR and manage their own colonies;
* Educate the public about the benefits of TNR; 
* Mitigate nuisance calls to Animal Control with simple, inexpensive property-protecting tips; and,
* Unify those who want to ensure the safety of our community without having to destroy healthy free-roaming cats.


We do NOT
 "take" cats.
We do NOT "relocate" cats.
We are NOT a cat sanctuary.
We are NOT employees of the animal shelter or any vet clinic.
Our Loaner Traps may NOT be used to take cats to the shelter.
Our Loaner Traps may NOT be used to "relocate" cats; that is dumping/abandonment, and it's cruel & ILLEGAL!

Since June 2007, Heart of Texas Feral Friends has helped 
compassionate citizens in Greater Waco and Central Texas
with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) resources, services and support. 

TNR humanely STOPS THE CYCLE of feral/free-roaming cat overpopulation and makes our community a better place to live, work and play.

Heart of Texas Feral Friends is a 100% volunteer group.
We are always welcoming of new volunteers!

CONTACT US to learn more about TNR, making a donation or how to volunteer.

works to ensure that healthy feral cats
can peacefully co-exist in a safe environment
within our community by providing support, advice about
TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN and feral cats. 

Benefits of TNR include:

  • Healthier feral cats.
  • Less cat fights, yowling and spraying.
  • designated feeding stations kept clean by dedicated caregivers.
  • No unwanted litters of kittens.
  • Saves taxpayer dollars!
  • Reduces the number of nuisanse calls to animal control.
  • It makes our entire community a better place for us all


Website Resources
A special thank you to the following groups:
Alley Cat Allies
Humane Society
of the United States
Neighborhood Cats
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Indy Cats.

All photos courtesy of Heart Of Texas Feral Friends.

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